brinell hardness tester

Brinell hardness tester are used for testing copper and aluminium alloys. They are also used in cast and steel irons at a higher force range. The test is mainly executed by applying a determined load to the surface of the tested substance via a hardened steel ball of a known diameter.

brinell hardness tester

Types of Brinell testers

  1. Nexus 3100 – this tester has an analogue microscope and a full touchscreen hardness calculator. The load application system is fully automatic, has a closed-loop, force feedback and a load cell. In addition, it has an optional clamp that protects the indenter and is fitted with a fix workpiece to stage.
  2. Nexus 3200 –this automatic brinell hardness tester has an indent optical scanner and automated measurement. The Nexus 3200 has a BIOS Brinell Indent Optical Scanner Microscope that is well advanced. It also has a 6.5” industrial touchscreen, which will care for all your needs. The Z-Axis is manual and has a clamp that protects the indenter.
  3. Nexus 3001XLM-IMP – this is a fully automatic, two position turret that is fitted with an Impressions system. Further, it is equipped with a motorized revolver that is automatic and a 5MP camera with a Full HD camera system with zoom and focus function. The load application system is fully automated, and the Z-Axis is motorized.
  4. Nexus 3300(M) –this is a rugged, sturdy and powerful tool designed to perform optimally in harsh environments. Further, it has a BIOS camera that can be positioned on the indent and this will generate an automatic indent image. In addition, it is fully fitted with power LED illumination and a manual or motorized Z-Axis.
  5. Nexus 3300FA – this is a top-tier hardness tester with an automatic indent video measuring system. Furthermore, it has an 18 MP camera with zoom and focus functions, a 6-position turret, a fully integrated windows controller and a 15” full-colour touchscreen.

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