Polaroid is back in the picture. What’s more, it has actually always been popular. But nowadays it seems everyone likes to create their own custom Polaroid film and branded instant picture. This makes sense, since it doesn’t cost a lot of time. Besides that, the results are usually amazing. So time to explain what these terms mean and how you can be creative yourself!

What is Polaroid?

First of all, something about Polaroid. It’s a custom developed type of film that gives a instant image and makes the creation of prints quick and easy. These features have made it a very popular product. There are also many extra options when it comes to Polaroid. For example, you can create your own Custom Polaroid film. It means that you make a visible image within seconds or minutes after taking the picture. First you have a positive sheet, which eventually is peeled away from the negative. In the end the real developed photo appears. It’s almost magical!

What is an instant film?

Another creative option is an Instant film. It means that you can produce an image within seconds or minutes. An instant film is available in several colors, including instant black, instant white and instant color. The way it’s produced is very interesting, namely from a chemical reaction of silver and oxygen, known as silver acetate, which produces silver oxide. These chemical reactions occur in the vicinity of some fluorescent tubes and certain halogen bulbs. These films are designed to have the chemical reaction occur in the presence of light that will give them instant transparency.

Polaroid and Instant film

For printing in daylight, Polaroid creates the instant film with a clear finish to allow for the proper reflection of the light that will be photographed.  This often leads to amazing results. A black film can be exposed to either light or darkness. The instant film is a little bit thicker than standard silver film but the thickness is negligible when compared to its use.

Branded instant picture

Instant film is a very good artist's choice because it allows the viewer to clearly see the image of the photograph, the printer's font, and the print area. Besides that, it’s very easy to use and a lot of people are printing these days on instant film. Some companies prefer a branded instant picture, which fits perfectly with 2021. This kind of picture can be used to promote a company, a product or a service and many more things.

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