One of the best hair products for men to apply more hair style is pomade. Not only does it make your hair feel much softer, but it also allows you to shape your hairstyle completely to your own liking! Are you wondering which pomade is right for you? Then read on to choose the best pomade for your hair type.

Hair with a high shine? Get wax pomade

Whether you’re going out for a night or just want shiny hair on a daily basis, what you need is a men’s pomade that is made of wax and provides you with a great shine in no-time! You do this by brushing your hair smooth, and then work with pomade that is made on a water-based formula that is able to damp your hair without drying. These types of pomades not only add extra shine, but also keep your hair movable, ideal when you are someone that likes to revamp your hair over the day!

Choose a thickening pomade for thicker and fuller hair

Would you like to give your hair a boost of fullness? Then choose a pomade with a densifying effect that makes thin and thinning hair look instantly thicker! Thickening pomades are mostly made of waxes, clays and fibers and have all the aspects for thickening fine hair: volume, texture and thickness.

Go for a textured pomade if you want a messy hairstyle without shine

Don’t fancy polished hair and looking for a more natural look? Then it might be time to opt for a pomade made of clay, ideal for roughening up your hair a bit. This is great for men with fine hair that always tends to lay straight. Use pomade made from clay by massaging your fingertips through your hair while it is damp or dry to help achieve a messy look.

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