Smoking cannabis for the first time is a very interesting experience. With just one puff, smokers are propelled into a heightened reality where many things, from eating to listening to music, are elevated above the usual reality. This is why it is imperative that novice smokers know what they are getting into and how to make the most of the experience. In this article we will give you some tips to be well-prepared for your first time getting high.

When and where should be your first time

When it is your first time smoking weed, you want to make sure you are in the right setting without any influences that can negatively affect your experience. In terms of finding the perfect location,  make sure you choose a location that feels comfortable and safe with no external factors that could make you lose your ease. Also take into account with whom you will be sharing your first high. Should it happen that you become scared or nervous, the presence of a supportive group of experienced smokers can bring you back to earth. When smoking alone, take into account that weed can cause very contemplative and intense experiences that make you question what life is really all about. So be well-prepared for that!

How to decrease the effects of weed when it is too much

When your weed-smoking experience is a bit too overwhelming, make sure you keep drinking and get something to eat in your stomach. Different foods that are known to reduce the effects of weed are lemon and other citrus fruits, pine nuts, and even chewing on some black peppercorn can help you to tone down.

If getting high is actually not your cup of cake, then you might be interested in CBD oil. The use of CBD oil is known to help reduce anxiety, acne, depression and even heart disease. Check out for more information.

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