Vickers hardness tester

Are you looking for a Vickers hardness tester? Well, Vickers testers are a great option when you want to test the hardness of any material. They are a common way of measuring your material’s hardness conveniently and quickly. With their sturdiness, they can work well with any material regardless of their hardness.

Vickers hardness tester

Choose a Vickers Hardness Tester from Innovatest

We have different hardness testers at our store. You can choose from the Falcon 400 Vickers tester, Falcon 450 Vickers tester, Falcon 500 Vickers tester, and the Falcon 600 Vickers tester. They are all of high-quality and come at a very affordable price.

How to Use Vickers Testers

Vickers hardness refers to a type of hardness measurement whereby the calculations are based on the indenter. It first came into light in the 1920s and has been instrumental in different industries. With a very strong and accurate scale, it can measure the hardness of any material, even the most rigid metals such as steel. Here is a quick peek at how to do the test.

• Get your sample and place it on the stage

• Click and drag your mouse in order to move the sample into the best position

• Using the mouse, scroll in order to focus

• Pick the ideal test method and load

• Select an objective and job name

• Get an overview camera in order to position the indenter correctly

• Begin the test

• Get the stats and calculate the hardness value

These testers are very easy to use and come in handy when working on your projects. Get one today and determine your materials’ hardness before beginning the project.

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